Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review and specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

galaxy note 3 review

The first thing that actually came to mind when I saw the new Samsung Note 3 was “big!” I mean comparing it to the current smartphone I was using which is the Apple iPhone, the size of the Samsung note 3 seemed to be on the level already of a small tablet, so it was a tablet, not a phone I thought. In a way I was both wrong and right. It is a smartphone, but also, a mini tablet already because of the way I could use it. It is really a good upgrade I can tell you, and here are some of the reasons why I think so;


galaxy note 3 graphics

One of the most distinguishing things about this Samsung note 3 is that it is bright. So bright in fact that the contrast really stands out and the colors are really defined. And for someone like me who is into games and apps and watching movies and videos, this is a great thing! Crisp, clear, very much HD. This is the way these phones should be because they are also considered as entertainment centers these days and the graphics are really exceptional.

Easier interface


I mean the large screen in a way is good, but all the functions inside the device seemed to be simpler. The stylus is much more efficient I should say as it is now instantaneous. I can handwrite search items and still the device is able to translate it quick and give me search results in a matter of seconds. The aircommand widget makes things a breeze, and it is a great addition to this Samsung note 3.

Software and speed

Historically, Samsung could not be considered one of the best when it came to software implementation, but in this new Samsung Note 3, well they did outdo themselves this time. The software are still in the quantity versus quality system, but the interface and the speed of the processor somehow made things much more bearable and easier to get adapted to. The JellyBean OS is truly remarkable as it helps speed up processing and eliminating unnecessary processes that could slow down you smartphone.

galaxy note 3 backside view

The Camera is just so good. Considering that main camera is only 13 MP, it seems like you have an HD camera/video with you. I guess you owe it also the graphic interface which makes the pictures produced so crisp. The apps and features for the cam is also phenomenal, where you can do collages, edit or photoshop pics easily, and of course the apps that make cool pics like you are in a photobooth.

In terms of audio, there is no complaint because Samsung has always been known for its excellent audio interface even when it was still making audio components. So you can expect the best audio from this Samsung Note 3 yet.

Overall, this is one cool smartphone that would certainly fit the bill when you buy it,  and I would be willing to let go my Apple iPhone anytime for this.

Galaxy Note 3 Specifications

galaxy note 3 specs

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