RIM loses patent dispute against Nokia

While the battle between Samsung and Apple rages on about the patents there is another development in the mobile world that might put RIM (BlackBerry) in a very tight spot.

According to Reuters RIM lost a patent dispute against Nokia on the Nokia Oyj patents, This could very well put RIM out of the race by halting the sale of its devices in US ,Canada and other countries until an royalties agreement is settles upon.

The patent was, RIM was not allowed to use WLAN or WIRELESS Local Area Network without agreeing to royalties to NOKIA…. but unfortunately for RIM, blackberry phones do support WLAN and are at the risk of being banned in crucial countries.

The way current scenario is RIM might just agree to pay the royalties to NOKIA , but it will be a major financial blow to RIM. On the other hand a major boost for Nokia which is emerging as a new power in the Windows Phone arena.


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