Nokia’s Dark Knight placard

Confirming to the reports to be true, Nokia sent a press invitation for event in New Delhi. The invite had massive Dark Knight poster in the background, which makes curious towards launch of something related to year’s biggest super hero movie.

Well multiple sources have revealed that Nokia might launch the long awaited Nokia Lumia 900. As the invite suggests Nokia could launch the official Dark Knight edition of the Lumia 900.

Additionally, the company could also launch the Lumia 610 which is Nokia’s low-end Windows Phone. This could perhaps help counteract the poor sales of Symbian devices and stem the growth of Android in the Indian market.

Apart from the hardware, they could also launch the Nokia Music store in India for Lumia. This store could come in tandem with a Mix Radio music streaming application. In fact, Nokia may also release a version of the Mix Radio app for the recently released PureView 808. This event will be held on July 6.

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