Nexus 5 Review is here

Nexus 5 Review

Nexus 5 review

 Finally the nexus 5  rumors have been settled with the discrete launch of Nexus 5

Google’s partnership with LG has really produced great results. The Nexus 4 was a top of the line android smart phone that outdid its predecessors before, so it is not a wonder that this time around, the LG Nexus 5 will be coming out in force, and there is nothing to stop it this time. It is faster, more powerful, slimmer, and certainly has a much more impressive interface that will make its mark on anyone using this product.

Nexus 5 Specification


nexus 5 specification


If you have not heard about it, then let me first give you a breakdown of what the Nexus 5 is all about in terms of its specifications:


–  4.95in full HD IPS Plus LCD Screen

– 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

– 2GB of RAM Memory

– 16 GB storage capacity, expandable to 32 GB.

– Android 4.4 “Kitkat” OS, the newest top-line android OS from Google.

– 8MP rear camera with optical image stabilization and 1.3MP front-facing camera

– LTE, Wi-F, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 with BLE and GPS

– Size: 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59mm

– Weight is at 130g, the lightest possible for a smart phone.

 Nexus 5 Price

nexus 5 price

The most amazing thing about this is the price tag. Remember how the Nexus 4 came out at $500 at the initial pricing? Well this one will start at the $350 to $400 dollar range, which is pretty slick considering the upgrades done to it as before. And you can even order it directly from Google, ensuring that it is a Google product through and through.

With regard to the new OS, the  “KitKat”, the reports we are getting is that this new OS makes browsing so much more faster since the system requirements have reduced significantly. And powered by that 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor does really help make things go zoom for you.  Camera is good, clear and crisp, but not comparable to the HD pics you are get from standalone cameras or even the current flagship models from other companies like Samsung or HTC, and since it is wi-fi ready, posting your pics immediately to your FB account or Instagram will be no problem at all.

Apps and games will certainly be a very good experience when using the LG Nexus 5 as the speed is definitely faster in terms of loading and processing with its new QUAD CORE processors, and this is a review I got from a friend who uses the Samsung S4 at the moment, and he admits that there is very small difference, barely noticeable, in terms of speed, but LG Nexus 5 certainly wins in terms of speed he says. This might also be due to the fact that Samsung S4 has TouchWiz interface on top and the LG Nexus 5 is Stock android meaning it has the basic standard Android interface.

nexus 5 review2

It comes in the Black or White color, but if you ask me, I would prefer the black color over the white one but either way it is the quality of the smart phone itself that would matter to me. I have had my experiences with using the iPhone 5 or other top android phones, and I think that this LG Nexus 5 can break barriers this time around.

Of course it is always up for you to decide if Nexus 5 will be your choice smart phone, but considering the positive facts that I have seen so far, then it is no doubt going to be a top favorite in the choices for new smartphones for me.

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