Flipkart updates its web based app to native android app

As we all know Flipkart one of the biggest Indian online retailer had a pretty “BAD” application on the android play store, which was just mobile site in a app frame.

But now they have released a full native android app for the Flipkart users which i have to say is VERY VERY GOOD here are some screen shots:

flipkart app hel2

flipkart app hel2

The starting page is wonderful, it displays all the deals that are going on and the best of all DEAL OF THE DAY.

flipkart app all toptions hel2

As you can see here it has all the features of the online web site, you can login check out what is the status of your shipment and etc.

flikart app menus

When you press the icon on the top extreme left you get all the menus, making browsing and finding your product very easy and simple.

buying from flipkart app

And finally when you select your option of buying a product you have the “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart” and “Share” options right below the product info. which is very convenient.

All in all the company put some time into making this app a very user friendly and yet providing all the features of the website available for the user.This is a very welcome app to see for the Indian users.

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