FaceLock for Android Gingerbread 2.3

After the release of android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich some of the features were wooed the love of users like Facelock, the blue tint theme,new task manager etc. , unfortunately those features were only meant for ICS (4.0) users and Ginger Bread being one of the major update still running on almost 80% of android phones could not get those.

But now one user from XDA “adnanahmad1786 ” had made an app for  all the Ginger Bread users to enjoy the face unlock feature on their phone.. it will not have exactly the same features per say but more or less the same feel.

While the free app only protects certain  apps like : market, task manager, settings and one app of your choice.

and the Pro Version unlocks both the phone and apps.

Features of pro version :

There are *NO ADVERTISEMENTS* in ANY version of FaceLock for apps.
Pro version comes with all these features you’ll love:
– Lock as many apps as you want with your face
– (Experimental) lock screen replacement (like FACE UNLOCK) (lock screen might not work perfectly on all devices).
– PATTERN lock is now available!
– Set PIN, Pattern or password as alternative access method
– More locking options, delayed lock
– Hide notification, show icons in lock screen

while there might still be some bugs in different phones and models  it will be updated and fixed.


Links to the app :

Free Version : FaceLock for Apps free

Pro Version : FaceLock for Apps Pro


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