Android Kitkat 4.4 New Feature Overview

Kitkat 4.4 New Features

 android kitkat 4.4

When I heard all about the new kitkat 4.4, I was thinking at first, what else could they change in my phone’s OS? I mean it is already great as it is, and I cannot even think of any more changes or improvements that they can implement on it, so I did my homework this time and did a quick research on what the Android KitKat 4.4 would show to me to convince me to switch to it once it comes out in the market.

 According to the main sites I found on Android Kitkat, the features are really going to be phenomenal. Well, let me mention it here and see if it will live to the hype:

 Google Now!

 The voice-activated feature: Simply say Okay Google, will automatically launch the browser. What?? This is really great! I mean no need to tap or swipe the phone. A simple command like this will already allow me to search, send text messages, or even play songs. Now that is what I call innovation.

Immersive Mode

 Immersion. Now what does this actually mean? The immersive mode here in KitKat 4.4 will allow you to focus specifically on what you only want to see. If you happen to have downloaded the Harry Potter E-Book, and you are reading it, all other lines, tabs, apps, logos, and everything in the screen will fade out, leaving only the page of the book you are reading. It is called center staging, but if you just need something else, tap at the edge of the screen to reveal the menu bar once again.


Emoji! Now that is something new. Emoticons and characters are available to us in the Google keyboard for android kitkat 4.4!

 Faster Interface

Faster multitasking certainly comes to mind as always sine every update the smoothness of the interface is pretty high on Android Kitkat 4.4. With the improved interface, switching from one task to another with a swipe is certainly faster. No more delays. Even the caller ID system is so fast that if an unknown number calls you, it automatically connect with local listings on Google Maps to determine who is the caller. Now ain’t that really cool?

Now there are still so many new things this KitKat 4.4 has to offer, and it is impossible to mention them all in this one article. But the best way I think to know and experience what this has to offer is to download and use it. But based from what I am reading and what I have already heard from people using it, it is really all worth your time to get one. I cannot wait to get one for myself and finally be able to say Okay Google!

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