Android 4.4 Kitkat Screenshot leaked

android-4 android 4.4 kitkat

Yes people we have yet another leak from Google and this time its their brand new OS Android 4.4 KitKat, and again it has been leaked to 9to5google guys.

On the above pics we can clearly see it’s running on NEXUS 4 , but at the time of launch i am pretty sure it will be packaged with the rumored and yet highly anticipated Nexus 5, of which we have already cover here, Nexus 5 Leak

So getting back to the leaked images(yum!) even though the status bar does look similar to the previous version i.e 4.2 iterations what seems interesting is that it kinda emulates the app color scheme of the current running  app on the phone..

And also the controls in the messaging app seems to have taken a flip and gone to the top side of the screen, which might hinder people with short thumb :P.

The dialer in android 4.4 kitkat, boy it has changed quite a bit, it is not sure that if it is actually blue scheme or it can be changed but it looks really GOOD the big call button is a welcome sight and it looks more funky.

android 4.4 homescreen kitkat

Now here is another pic of the home screen, look at this!! it seems everyone is going the FLAT BUTTON style nowadays for some reason. Even though these are just on the surface pics.. there might be some awesome under the hood code changes! who knows, i guess we’ll have to wait and watch for now.

Source (9to5google)

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