Hel2.com is the blog which provides all the latest, interesting, relevant Technological Information about all the mobile related news from all over the world. Hel2 will cover anything and everything related to mobiles from small details like the stylus used to the important ones like the processor clock speed, All the geeks will love the details and it will be as simple for a common man to understand too.

Hel2.com is just a baby Mobile Tech Site which is still at its infancy. Eventually it will flourish into a interacting community with your  help. 🙂

Raghul Premkumar – Founder and Editor

Raghul Premkumar is the founder and editor of Hel2.com he is a Mobile Geek, a Foodie and a Gamer by default 🙂 and the customized part (what his parents wanted him to be is a diploma holder in computer Engineering and now a student of Animation.

Most of the time you will find him scouring sites/forums for latest and breaking tech news on anything related to mobiles.

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